Day 432: Relative Stress

It’s been a bad week! But things are going pretty good now.

The massive work hump is… well, it’s NEVER wholly under control, but it’s sort of back to a dull roar right now.  I feel less panicked. I’m sleeping better.

Light exercise this morning, and I feel like things are more or less back on track. The tragedy of age is that three or four days off-track will push me almost a week off course — you’d think there’d be a logical 50/50 “be good/be not-good” ratio, but there isn’t. Going off-piste briefly actually means losing much more ground, proportionately.

In this daily tracker thing, I’ve got columns for overall mood, work stress, volunteer stress, and home stress. It’s been interesting ranking the three every day. Generally speaking, they tend to cluster. I’m not sure if that’s because I just get stressed about everything when I get stressed in a single area, coincidence (this is still a pretty recent project), or… something else.

With my wife back earning an income, though, my household stress has been arcing down pretty consistently. I hate financial stuff! But it is super important.

A quick run through the 2018 tracking so far… I thought there’d be clear stress precursors to going off-track, but there doesn’t seem to be. “Bad exercise breeds bad exercise” is the one rule of thumb. Huh.