Day 436: Daylight Savings

Okay, daylight savings sucks as I get older. Getting up at 5 a.m. – really 4 a.m. – is doing a number on me, which is hard to admit. We all basically give ourselves mild jetlag twice a year, and for what?

Other than that, things are going pretty well. Exercise this morning wasn’t inspired, but it got done (partly because of the hour, I suspect). Food is not perfect but is back to being tracked. Daily tracking is back. The checklist is back.

Essentially I’m back on form after a bad week, which I think the daily tracking helped with. My hope is over time I’m moving a behavioural baseline so my “not trying” state is trying harder than it was a year ago. If last week is an indication, it seems to be working — after a few days of inactivity I started itching to get back on the program.

I looked up why I was doing so well and dropped off a cliff last September-October — my wife’s father (technically stepfather, but emotionally her dad) passed away in mid-September. I knew that it my head, but I wasn’t connecting the dots. So there’s a sensible failure cascade of stress and travel that came along with that.

But it’s taken me six months to get back close to that point, which is a great lesson for the next time I think about slacking off. I fall back further, faster now than ever before.