Day 438: A lacklustre week!

It’s a pretty mediocre week for this podcast! I blame Daylight Savings — sleep is messed up, and exercise has been pretty lacklustre, and this podcast is FRANKLY UNINSPIRED.

Maybe a good time to catch up on some other things — I’m currently distancing myself from some volunteer responsibilities, and trying to normalize some other ones to free up some mental space, both for self-care, this podcast, and the long-neglected side hustle.

Mainly, work’s been busy. It’s always busy, but we’re in a particularly intense period from now through April, and it’s definitely taking… “taking a toll” sounds pretty scary, and it’s not really a scary situation. But my energy after work is low. I’m happy to just watch TV or read or something in the evenings.

My mornings are pretty ambitious. My evenings… less so. Is it age? Is it just general business? Is it being a bit burnt out from a pretty aggressive work schedule? Who knows?

At any rate, apologies for a fairly bland week of the podcast. I know what I have to do to fix it, I’m just not quite finding the drive.