Day 441: Solidarity Rising

Another 4 a.m. start today, in solidarity with my wife’s punishing schedule — mad respect to her, for working 32 of the last 72 hours, all with 5 a.m. starts at the office.

So with the early start, I’m going to knock out some volunteer work all morning: keep chugging away with improvements to the canoe club site, and also fire away at the podcast project for the radio station that I’m taking on.

I did NOT log food or do my daily tracking yesterday — I had to run out the door for the radio show, and that kind of threw everything off. Not a terrible food day yesterday, but I’m not proud of myself either. I’ll have to take some time today to retro-track my food and mood from yesterday.

It seems like “showering” has become a central part of this whole thing. I often skip a day on weekends — call me gross if you want — but that ties into weighing, which ties into the mood tracking, which ties into reinforcing food logging. So there y’go.