Day 442: Really, really tired

What’s up with this? I don’t know why — I have a few guesses, though — but I am SUPER TIRED this morning. Like “critical emergency” tired. As wiped out as I’ve ever been. I got to bed on time, slept like a log, woke up more or less at the right time, but UGH.

Dragged myself through half-assed exercise, grinding through the morning.

My best guess is some sort of lag from the weekend, and keeping up with my wife, who has been a ninja at adapting to this new work schedule. It’s also been a super productive weekend as well. Regardless. Any way you slice it, I’m tuckered out.

I did do the exercise, and I’m having a full day. Just… yeah. Wiiiiped out. No idea why. Tired as a… real tired guy.

So… power on through, I guess? Have a normal day and get to bed on time tonight? Nothing for it, but to do it. Yawn.