Day 444: Sweat Out the Blues / Only Eat Meals

Another “I’m tired” day yesterday — just wiped — but I’ve decided to lean the other way this morning, and gave it 100% on the rowing machine. Posted my best 30-minute row in a few years, and the best 5k row inside that.

And I feel pretty good!

Motivation is a mystery to me. Some mornings I can wake up and just get into it. Some mornings I can’t. Some evenings I can resist snacks easily. Some evenings I can’t. A friend, who keeps up with me on the podcast, asked me “how much do you eat?” The answer is not that much! Just more than I should!

That’s got me thinking.

My food problem is similar to my drinking problem. It’s not that I eat a large pepperoni pizza every day. I don’t crazy binge (often). I just eat a bit more than I should, a bit more often than I should.

I can quit drinking. I can’t quit eating. And it’s not, like, one small category of food that’s problematic. I can quit sugar, but then I eat salt.

The best thing to do, and I know I’ve tried this before, is to stop eating outside meals. I have three meals a day. That’s it. I keep track of what I eat and I certainly don’t starve myself, but I just have three meals every day.

Once more into that breach, I guess. I need to print and update my evening checklist anyway (I no longer take my phone up as an alarm, for one thing) so I’ll add “did I snack?” as a thing. That’ll keep me honest in the evenings and at least shame me into better behaviour over time. One hopes.