Day 445: Cyclicality

Failed on not snacking yesterday. But the checklist yesterday night reminded me that I failed, and that stings. So that might help me today.

My anniversary yesterday, and my wife, who is the most wonderful person in the world, bought me a kilogram of jelly beans. I love jelly beans. They’re my favourite candy.

They have to go.

I can’t resist the power of jelly beans. I ate jelly beans last night; I ate too many jelly beans last night. Jelly beans, and caramel peanuts, are the two Achilles heels for me. Here are things I have tried:

  • Keep them on a very high shelf where I will need a stepladder and therefore intention and thought
  • Pre-portion them into small snack sized containers
  • Ask my wife to hide them
  • Get angry with myself
  • Try to forget
  • Try to ignore

Sometimes these things will work for a matter of hours. Sometimes days, even. But they inevitably fail; I’ll have a bad day and a failure of will and find myself snarfing toffee peanuts and/or jelly beans and weeping on the inside.

So I love my wife, and I love my jelly beans, but they will end up in the staff kitchen today in a bowl with a spoon for serving.

I know I shouldn’t drink; I need to recognize that there need to just be some no-go foods for me as well.