Day 446: Halfway there

If I take my highest weight since this project started, and my goal weight, I hit the exact midpoint today.

This is good! I haven’t been this light since… last September. I’m about eight pounds lighter than I was at this time last year.

That’s a good feeling.

This is also when the wheels fall off, traditionally speaking.

Last time around wasn’t my fault — okay, it was my fault. Ultimately it’s ALWAYS my fault. I can’t say it wasn’t. But the last time I was at this point, my wife’s dad died, and we spent about six weeks travelling, mourning, handling things, managing a tough financial situation ourselves exacerbated by the sudden need to travel… it was a rough bit. We powered through, but it threw me severely off track.

Right now, knock on wood, there’s nothing like that on the horizon.

That being said, I feel like this is a good moment for a surge. Play it really tight for a couple of weeks, see if I can drop down another few pounds and get a buffer going.

This was a big part of the February Sprint that I started strong with but kind of forgot. I need to be okay with being uncomfortable. Being slightly hungry is not the worst thing in the world. Living in that space is okay. That’s what I need to do — not starve myself, by any means, but not feel like the slightest itch of hunger needs to be scratched.