Day 447: Confident Eating

My first entirely on-track food day yesterday in… a while. I don’t know what’s been getting me so snacky lately, but it was very confidence restoring to just eat meals, no snacks.

I did have to mentally check in and tell myself “discomfort is part of the process” multiple times through the day. I don’t want to rail about the evils of Western society or anything, but I really do think I picked up the idea, somewhere, that ever feeling hungry is bad. It’s okay to be a little hungry!

Don’t starve yourself!

I’m figuring out my food in the morning and making sure I’m getting more than enough calories. But I’m really going to strive to not eat more than what I plan. “No snacking” seems like a simple idea, until it’s 8 p.m. and you’re just kind of idly thinking it would be really nice to nosh on something.

I did well yesterday, which should be fuel to do well today. Ticking off the “Did Not Snack” box on the checklist last night felt good. I want to keep that going.