Day 449: Weight Up, Still Upbeat

Things are going well on all fronts but weight today — I have to admit I got a bit lazy over the weekend, but nothing terrible and I’ve been logging faithfully. I feel good… best 5k yet this morning, a little arm work. Work is nuts, but work’s always nuts.

Not quite sure what to do about the weight thing. For today, I’m’a chalk it up to the weekend and not exercising Sundays (or that much on Saturdays, TBH). We’ll see what happens in the next couple of days if I’m real good. I suspect it’s messed up hydration, as well — I’m pretty good about drinking water at work, and had a system that I let slide at home, so I’m back to not being great about it at home.

Science says I should give it a few days of being really on the ball. It’s amazing what a psychological distance two pounds can generate, from “I’m on top of this and everything is awesome” to “arrgh, I’m doomed.”

Let’s experiment, then: really stick to the plan for a few days. See if I get that ground back. If not, it’s time to think of something different.