Day 459: Triumph of the Love

Okay, this seems to be what’s working for me right now.  Other than some insomnia, I seem to be on a winning streak. Sobriety is smooth like butter (don’t get complacent!), diet is going 100% and exercise is getting knocked out like a champ.

The key question, the magic motivation button, seems to be something I mentioned a while back:

“I know you’d love _____, but do you love change more?”

It’s been doing well at helping me bat away temptations — food, mostly, but also to not exercise. Like most stuff that works, it’s not novel. I’m sure other people have said it and probably better. But there’s an ocean of this stuff out there, and finding what works for me is always slippery.

That’s the thing right now. “I’d love to have a snack, but I love change more.” “I’d love to stop working out now, but I love change more.”

Is it a bit cliche? Sure. Is it kind of obvious? Yes. But it’s working! So I’m going with it.