Day 460: I want X, but I want change more.

“I want _____, but I want change more.”

That’s the big news from yesterday — refinement of that little phrase into something I think will stick. That’s a good little mantra. I’m’a keep that.

What’s up, brain?

Not even that stressful yesterday, and I still found myself awake a bit before 3 a.m., just kinda mulling things over. It’s aggravating. At least when I have specific stresses I can say “aha, it’s the stresses,” but when things are more or less okay? What’s up with that?

So yes, another early morning. This is an early shift for my wife as well, so the sort-of-up-side is that she was also getting up at four, so I wasn’t… alone for long? I don’t know.

At any rate, it’s an early morning. Maybe this is just my perverse and cruel physiology. Three of the four pillars are on lock, sobriety, diet and exercise, so why not mess with sleep?

Anyway. I’m not tired right now, so I’m going to keep on cruising through the morning. I do like the early mornings… just notĀ thisĀ early. Oy.