Day 468: Spring is springing!

Spring is on its way — we seem to be in the last throes of weird, wild winteresque weather this weekend. Alliteration!

This is going to mean a bit of realignment, as my wife and I have been TALKING BIG about what we’re going to do with our yard and garden this year, all winter. Now that the ground is thawing, we need to put our asses in a position to cash the cheques that our mouths have written, which is not a phrase that works backwards.

Among the challenges: over the winter Indoor Season I have filled my dance card with Indoor Things. Lots of Internet-related computery tasks. Now that activity is potentially moving outdoors, I need to start thinking about de-committing from Computer Things and re-committing to Outdoor Things.

One of the pressing questions is “is gardening exercise?” That would be an easy way to slot things in. Go out at 5 a.m. with a shovel and start digging up the old crap. Terrify the neighbours.

At any rate — winter is ending, finally, and now that spring is on its way there’s more to think about than just running more. I have to start moving some of my indoor activity outdoors.