Day 472: Goddamn Flat Week

I’m still flat! I’m sick of it!

Maybe if I get angry enough about feeling flat I’ll stop feeling flat and just feel angry. And then I can deal with it!

Lackluster everything today — diet not great yesterday, meh exercise this morning. I know I go through cycles, and powering through this particular cycle of meh is definitely something that’s happening right now.

Framing this as an experiment might help — the problem is I don’t feelĀ motivatedĀ to experiment. I just don’t feel motivated! I’m unmotivated! I’m flat! Just flat.

So let’s see what another day of flatness does for me — track the food, see if I can get a walk in at lunch to make up for blah exercise, and try to actually hit it hard with exercise tomorrow to see if I can adrenaline myself out of a funk.

What I don’t want is to come out of flatland and be set way back and be frustrated. Gotta walk myself through this with minimal harm…