Day 475: Family Time

A quick one because my folks are in town… its hard sometimes to know what to do with guests. I feel a compulsion to entertain, which is hard to fulfill when somebody’s interests are pretty divergent from your own.

So I’m going to be doing some quick research this morning to see what’s up around town today, and setting up some sort of activity this afternoon.

I think there’s a generational shift at some point, probably facilitated by ease of transport and ease of communication, where in the past visiting people was an EVENT, and one dropped everything and prepared a programme of activities and hoops with sticks and all that. In my middle-aged generation, things seem a lot more casual — we show up, we hang out, but there isn’t any kind of pressure to Entertain, just to be available if the visitors want to do stuff, or get together for dinner and offer a crash pad if they have their own agenda.

So it’s going to be a bit of a day today; exercise will be tomorrow morning rather than this morning. Food should be fine, sleep was actually pretty good last night, and sobriety is going well overall.