Day 489: Super Early Time

Super early podcast this morning… work got a little nuts yesterday, and I have the radio show at eight, so since my wife is heading into work for five today, I got up at four with her and I’ll be knocking some stuff out at the office at around 5:30-7:30 before I go do the show.

Weird timing… or is it? I secretly have coveted her schedule on these days since she started. If you gave me the option of starting my workday at 5 and ending it around 1 every day, I would be all over that. I like being up this early! I also like getting to work at things while nobody else is in the office. It’s fast and efficient and I get a ton done.

The problem is, everyone else would be there at 1 and I wouldn’t actually leave.

I’d just be talking myself into a 12-hour workday.

So that’s a thing.

The other bright idea was calling ahead to the campus security team to let them know I’d be in the building super early, so they don’t see lights getting turned on and get riled up. They’re nice people and unnecessary riling befits no one.