Day 490: Sunday, Late Sleep, Wake Up!

Wake up!

A late sleep this morning — I was up late last night with the foster cat, trying to convince him that he could sleep on the bed without a monster getting him. And he did! Eventually. But it took a long time.

So I got up to see my wife off to work this morning, and went back to bed. My challenge now is to actually get going and get some things done to build up a nice head of steam so I don’t slump back into blaaaargh and fritter the day away.

Meal planning (our fridge and freezer are stuffed)

Weekend planning

Getting a massage and foot rub that my wife bought me for my birthday — you wouldn’t think this would be a “to do,” but I keep friggin’ forgetting to book a time to do it

Some work-work stuff

A few volunteer things

So it’s time to caffeinate and make it all happen. Tally ho!