Day 492: A Bit Bored

As mentioned before on the podcast, I’m getting a bit fatigued by this format — there’s nothing wrong with it, but I feel like I often don’t have much to say. But I don’t have the time to really remodel it the way I’d like, either. I was originally thinking of the Big Revamp around Episode 500, but I’ve extended that deadline.

And right now, things are… fine! Not on all cylinders all the time, but pretty good across the board. Major life issues are pretty much confined to 4 a.m. wakeups, making time for the foster cat, and being sure I’m on top of schoolwork now that I’m taking courses again (Law 205/705, Public & Constitutional Law, this time around).

Volunteer stuff is super busy, as is the regular job. My wife has a similar dilemma right now: she doesn’t feel like she’s making progress with her passion work, because her job-job takes a lot of energy. It’s priorities, right? I don’t make time to work on this because I’m doing volunteer things, or what normal hu-mans call “re-lax-eeng” in my non-work hours. I feel like it’s gonna shake itself out. Or not.