Day 493: Minor Triumphs

Not great sleep last night — largely kitten related (I did mention that the foster stays in the same room as his litterbox, right? Let’s just say that situation…¬†evolved) and I got up this morning and was NOT feeling it.

Lackluster short exercise, muttering around the house, and then I decided “nope, that’s not gonna do it.” I just didn’t want to lean into my day from a low-energy blah note. Music on, back to the rower, and I knocked out a lung-busting 2k row in just over eight minutes.

I feel much better now! Adrenaline is up, blood is pumping.

It’s not a big deal in most ways. It was under 10 minutes of time exercising. But it’s a big deal in other ways, in that I kicked through about a dozen interim “ehh, why bother” moments before I got on the thing and did the extra work.

GOOD FOR ME. I feel good about it, I feel good that I did it. I’ve been half-on-half-off the horse since a rough April, and hopefully this marks a new baseline commitment to Getting This Done.