Day 496: Walkin’ for the Weekend

It’s a recharge weekend — picking up a car, getting out of town. Originally it was an overnighter thing, but for foster cat, practical and budget reasons, we’ve converted it more to day trips.

Hiking is the focus; there’s a local trail association with six affiliated hiking trails, and we’ve decided to try to get all six done this summer. Today/tomorrow will be two; later we’ll get to the others.

It’s exciting! I’m looking forward to getting out there and getting our nature on, and hopefully recharging a bit after a long winter’s… er, winter.

Foster cat’s still mental;  slept with him again last night, and again was loved on something serious. What my wife calls “the zoomies” strike just before dawn, so I was up at around 3:45 alternately having my hand adorably attacked or listening to a small goblin race around the room.

So there might be a nap in play today — or a delightful degree of exhaustion tonight. Either way, I’m looking forward to the marriage of exercise and outdoors…