Day 501: On Track to 1000

All right! 500 episodes in, 500 days sober, 500 days with at least a mental commitment to exercise and better eating. Even if I haven’t fulfilled it all the time.

My wife, correctly, thinks I spend too much time on other people’s stuff. She’s right. So I haven’t really ever looped back and looked hard at data from the 500 days. I haven’t re-read these blog posts, except to look up specific things. I don’t spend much time going back over food logs or trackers.

If I did, I bet I’d see some interesting stuff. But there’s a lot of other things in the world that need doing, and I feel compelled to help people with those things. I find other people’s stuff more interesting than my stuff in a lot of ways.

I’m trying to scale back, though. I feel well set up for the next 500 days. Yes, I need to spend some time on this project and less on other projects for other people and groups; that’s something I’m slowly working toward.

For now, though, I feel good. Sobriety is rock solid, and I’m riding high on good food and exercise habits. Sleep’s even been okay. Gotta record this and spend some time with the foster, and then off to work.