Day 509: Fostering, Studying

GREAT mini-vacation. I saw rock and/or roll, got to do the Sober Thing and be a designated driver in exchange for free concert tickets (and got to hang out with some old friends).

Today is technically vacation, but MAN am I behind on my schoolwork for the course I’m taking. Public & Constitutional Law. Learning a lot, but the other side of that is the actual “learning” part. Absorbing knowledge is hard!

Studying, and fostering… we’ve expanded the cat’s territory into the hallway outside the guest room, and my study (the hall gets blocked on the other side). Which means there’s a very talky kitty in my office a lot of the time now, needing plenty of affection and attention.

A car this morning for a better baby gate for the foster and stone dust for the front walk, recycling depot for some waste stuff, and then back to the books (and the cat).