Day 510: Holiday Weekend

Last weekend of my week of vacation — it went by quickly, and frankly doesn’t feel like much of a vacation. I got the two days of rambling down to see a show, some Toronto wandering in, but generally speaking, it was just a week of… doing stuff. It’s stuff that was worth doing, like completely redoing the flagstones by the driveway, but still just a week of stuff-doing.

So Project Weekend from last weekend continues … I finished the tofu press, and this weekend’s project is actually to fix up the V1 tofu press so I can hand it off to somebody else.

Other than that it’s looking like a pretty typical weekend. I’m having some doubts about being psyched up to return to work on Monday, as it just kind of feels like it’s been a weird, long weekend as opposed to any kind of proper “break”. Maybe this weekend will be chill enough that it’ll get my mojo back.