Day 512: Back to normal

A nice vacation; back to work today after a good 8k run. Small pile of accumulated volunteer chores, and as mentioned, the foster takes time. Time I’m happy to spend, but regardless… time.

A good 8k… not a record speed but a good speed, especially after a week of vacation. Once again I find myself working in circles… I’m back to the idea of scheduling my day, to keep the train on track. There’s a LOT going on right now that has to be maintained.

  • Job
  • Volunteer radio stuff
  • Volunteer canoe club stuff
  • Foster cat care
  • Side hustle
  • “Me time” and “Us time”

It’s not insurmountable. It’s surmountable! Maybe even mountable. But I need to stay on top of a bunch of threads at once to be sure it’s working.