Day 520: Big Morning Chores

I beat Beethoven this morning — not really, but ran an 8k in under 45 minutes, so I’m confident I could. Then I did a bunch of chores, including insulating an exterior furnace pipe, varnishing stumps, baking bread and more… right now, listening to the older cat growl at the younger cat from behind the barricade we’ve set up.

Talking to a colleague about optimizing yesterday — context being a swanky new journal-organizer thing I saw online. I’m deeply tempted, because I’m always questing for a magic bullet. But I’m also also… let’s say “frugal,” because I don’t want to describe myself as cheap. Paying over $40 for a three-month diary when I can just do the same thing either with my design skills, or a Hilroy notebook and some planning, seems… I don’t know.

It’s an investment thing, right? I want to _invest_ in something, because then I’ll be obliged to use it… right?

Well, that hasn’t worked so far. I have a variety of musical instruments and unfinished Udemy courses showing that just putting some money into something doesn’t equal follow-through.

So I’ll think about this planner thing. If I have a work colleague doing it, and if my wife is also interested, the mutual reinforcement thing might be good. But analyzing what makes it work and trying to homebrew something would be a lot more financially sensible… in many ways, I’d rather have $40 in a long term retirement account than tied up in a day planner.