Day 526: Beermaking

It’s one of the ironies of my life that as I stopped drinking, my wife started getting more into beer. Not more into drinking, it must be clear — we sometimes have that “you drink and I don’t” gulf between us, but it’s not frequent. In fact, the more into beer she gets, the less she drinks, because the more she wants to drink good beer and not just whatever’s around.

So last night was a late night, as I spent a chunk of the day and evening helping her make a grapefruit ale. It’s actually a super interesting hobby; no more difficult at the end of the day than making any other recipe, it just takes a while. I’m not anti beer, I just don’t drink myself.

But the thought did cross my mind occasionally about whether this was “good” for me or not. Ultimately, it came down to yes: I wasn’t tempted to drink during the process, it was something I could support her with, and I generally just like hanging out and doing stuff with my wife. So net win.

This isn’t an activity for everyone, obviously. It also threw a couple other things off-track so I am now catching up after having to break exercise around baking bread this morning. But it was fun and wholesome. Ultimately cheaper than buying beer, too.