Day 527: Weird Sleep Era

I have officially entered some sort of weird sleep zone where good sleep is the most precious of jewels. Last night the issue was my wife’s allergies combined with New Kitten Dander (if she’s allergic to cats, we’re gonna have a PROBLEM), keeping her up coughing til the wee hours after coming home from a late shift. This isn’t blaming her! It’s not her fault! But it resulted in another night of weird sleep; another morning of sleeping in a bit; another no-exercise day because it’s hard to get going when I’m fuzzed out and groggy from not sleeping right or enough.

It’s Tuesday; I think from here on out I can focus on getting the week on track. I need to run some bike errands after work, so I’ll be getting some extra klicks in on the bicycle. I can watch my food. Hopefully good sleep tonight, if we can get this allergy thing beat (I vacuumed all the carpets yesterday and we’ll keep sweeping and cleaning today). That’ll get me back to rights.