Day 529: The Workout/Chores Split

Split my workout this morning: 30 minutes rowing, and 45 minutes dealing with cedar boughs. Which, to be fair, turned out to be zero working out. Unless standing is a workout. It’s not.

The recurring thought as I was working on the cedars was first “well, this is one thing I’ll never have to do again, but rapidly followed by “but there will be other things.” Life keeps happening.

I’ve been bothered lately by not moving forward with personal things. I’m pouring a lot of myself into volunteer things, and home things. Even fostering, as I mentioned, takes time.

I need to feel less bad about not being crazy productive all the time. I’m getting a lot done at work. I’m getting a lot done in life. I get weirdly comparative with super productive people. Which is dumb. I’m pretty damn productive myself!