Day 534: Getting Up Anyway

Foster cats! FOSTER CATS! I’m happy we’re fostering, but I’m wondering how much of the current slump streak can be traced back to wonky sleep for cat-related reasons.

Fighting back from the slump today, though — despite a 2 a.m. wake-up and sustained campaign from the foster to convince us he is a shark and terrorize our older cat, we got up at 5-ish anyway. I’m well exercised, showered, healthy breakfast and lunch packed.

Some volunteer and schoolin’ obligations to square away — this is a big week for coursework for the course I’m taking — and then it’s off to the races. I’m hoping I can dig out of the lack of exercise/diet motivation by sheer force of will. Which is weird, because it’s the will that’s lacking. It’s like I have a will to not be in a slump, but the slumpĀ isĀ a lack of… hm.