Day 541: Overoptimistic

Yesterday started great, and today’s starting pretty good too. But I did run into the problem I often run into yesterday: starting the day with maybe too much spring in my step, then colliding with my inbox. There’s a lot on the go!

My job is great, but the position is kind of senior administration for an understaffed department, so it’s really about 40% “running” and 60% “doing”. Which is, you know, fine — analogous with running marketing for a small but successful company, say. The churn, though, cannot be underestimated. Big crazily ambitious mornings have to be tempered with the scope of what the actual day-in, day-out duties of it are.

The lesson from yesterday: hang onto the energy and the optimism, but channel it into finding ways to triage projects — I’m not tough enough on myself in terms of setting priorities and letting things drop. Too many shiny distractions. A good think to keep in mind as my energy starts to get back up.