Day 543: Waaaauuuugh Sleep

I know I’ve been going off a lot on sleep lately. But here’s the thing:

  1. Foster cat, who is a delight, is hyperactive and thinks he’s a shark. He’s now good about not being feisty when he’s on the bed! But if you leave something dangling off the edge of the bed, it’s fair game. He’s not on the bed. Cats are lawyers.
  2. Our older cat has been feeling a bit put out and not coming to bed with us lately, which is distressing to me a bit and a lot to my wife. So when she does join us we try to give her a lot of attention. We feel guilty, a bit.

So I’m kind of now being very attentive when I sleep to toes and fingers — either getting woken up with shark attacks, or even semi-waking up when I notice I’m dangling to pull my parts back.

And when older cat jumps up on the bed at 2 a.m., I spend some time patting her. Sometimes quite a lot of time if she is really seeking affection. I feel bad!

But man, it’s taking a toll on sleep. My wife was up at 4 and for some reason the cats decided to stay with me, chomping like sharks and tapping me for pats.

So it’s been up and exercise, but an overall draggy morning.

I’m not sure what to do here — I feel responsible for the wellbeing of the animals in my care, and they’re not being malicious. I guess I’m just hoping that the foster grows out of being a shark, and the situation with the older cat settles back down to normal once they’ve had more time to get used to each other. For now… yawn.