Day 544: Hobbies

Short run this morning, partly because I wanted to get back to the house and hacksaw through a steel pole as part of the sign renovation project.

My eyes may have been bigger than my head on this one.

Not in terms of the project. It’s doable. Heck, it’s done.

In terms of where I’m going to put this sign. It’s six feed wide, 56″ tall with the hooks, and needs about 18″ of clearance to at least get the glow off the non-facing side.

There are three places in the house that can accommodate this behemoth. One is right out for aesthetic reasons — my wife likes the painting on that wall, and so do I.

One is deeply impractical.

The other is my office and would require a couple of days of work to prepare for. On the other hand, I do need to replace the ceiling, soooo…

Anyway — projects are good. This keeps me sane and gives me focus, it’s also a good way to learn new things and try new stuff. Is it a practical use of my time? Ultimately, no. But it’s fun, relatively inexpensive compared to a lot of hobbies, and will be cool as all hell when I’m done…