Day 551: Weekending!

About to head out for three days; it’s pre-record time, because I’m going to be in a wifi-less environment, and I’m not sure about the cell situation. So it’s going to be a triple Jerkpod for the next few days.

My “quiet time to re-evaluate my stuff” yesterday did not quite go as planned. I find that my brain tends to start turning in tight circles and I just kind of moderately spiral. It’s not actually hard to figure out what I need to do for work, I just need to do it.

It’s a matter of clearing the space to do it, and also being energized to do it. Getting my own enthusiasm, and also making sure other people are enthusiastic. It’s a challenge, because it’s not like agency work where you’re being asked to execute. You have to generate the interest and engagement internally, and then execute on it in a way that maintains that interest and engagement. Which can be a tall order when you’re working with people that don’t really understand what you’re doing all the time.

Scaling back is going to be key. Hopefully a few days out of town, and more time away from the office, will give me a bit of the perspective I need to move this forward further. It’s a good line of thought, and I’m keen to continue it.

Oh, and the sign’s done! Now I just need to hang the mammajamma.