Day 552: Canoeing, Hopefully

Hopefully I am in or close to a canoe right now. That’s one vacation thing that I didn’t get around to, largely due to a crazy heat wave here — getting out on the water. But I’ll be at a cottage today — right now, actually, as this is a scheduled post/prerecord.

I’m taking the Full Focus Planner with me, which is a thing my wife bought for both of us and we’re both pretty keen to try. It seems pretty cool. We’ve read about it and gone through the training videos — yes, it’s a scheduler that comes with an hour of instructional videos. One of the amazing things is that I’ve actually adopted, or considered, like 90% of what’s in there already.

Mainly, you’re paying for a printed, well laid out and well organized set of common sense ideas about how to organize and go about your day. It’s flawed in the premise, in that it’s made for a “work is life” lifestyle — a Monday-Friday 9-5 job is the sole focus of life, weekends can be entirely spent on relaxation, etc. It’s not really constructed for multi-job people, or people like my wife, who is a shift worker.

But that’s okay — part of the fun will be seeing how this flexes. If it doesn’t meet my needs, I’ll keep what works and work on solutions for the rest. For now, it’s just a matter of clearing the 30 minutes a day to spend on the journal, and the 3-4 hours a quarter to close a period and start a new one.