Day 554: Full Focus Begins

All right, the Full Focus Journal. Part of the weekend trip was to get through goals, which I did, and spent two hours (no kidding) last night setting up the planner for this quarter. Now it’s time to diligently apply it and see how it works.

I’m kind of optimistic. Again, most of the ideas in the journal are ideas I’ve kind of come up with, or things similar to them — Big Three for each day, morning/evening checklists, etc. The act of writing and reviewing goals each day is interesting.

This isn’t going to be a regular part of this project, but I’ll be checking in periodically with how it’s going. My main concern is that it’s made for salarymen — it’s really geared for people who have a job and only one job, which unrolls in a stable and predictable way. Which I’m pretty close to, but my wife is further out from with shift work. Very few of my defined goals for this year are work-related, which is interesting.

The vacation was good and restorative and has rekindled my desire to simplify things a bit. In the same way that I loop through physical and diet habits, I think I loop through mental junk. Video games, bad movies, podcasts — distractions. Having a few days of minimal screens and more time quietly reading, canoeing, etc. was very restorative.