Day 556: Derailments

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans, like the guy said. Yesterday, as covered, was a bit of a dramatic clustermug. Some short-term solutions but no long-term solutions, and we’re dealing with a situation that’s been handed off to us and seems to be the result of a shocking lack of long-range planning.

This is all sudden, and surprising, and has thrown off some of the meticulously tracked goals that I’ve set up for the quarter. But that’s okay. Nothing is really acutely time-sensitive with my stuff, so hitting “pause” on my projects to invest in long-term health and stability in the family is obviously the right move.

Finance doesn’t come up a lot here, because I’m not comfortable talking money. I don’t think most people are. But it’s super important, and if we’re talking about a project to improve health and happiness, you gotta talk stress. And if you’re going to talk stress, for 99% of us, ultimately you’re gonna talk money.

Not that I’m talking money today. But extended family issues have brought financial planning and sound decision-making back into sharp relief. So we’re thinking about money a lot right now. This is, again, eating into other plans, but ultimately it’s a good disruption because it’s drawing attention to a problem that will have a long-term negative impact. Goals like “improve this podcast” are deeply satisfying and may have benefits in the long term. But figure out your stuff for the long term is a goal that will definitely have benefits in the long term.

So — disruption is happening. It’s stressful. It’s anxiety inducing. But it’s ultimately really good.