Day 559: Reminders

I think there’s something to be said for those goofy bracelets. I don’t think they’re in vogue any more — I don’t recall seeing anyone sporting a rubber, primary coloured band with something stamped on it in a couple of years. But the “LIVESTRONG” stuff… there’s something to it.

Yesterday, I extolled the virtues of “I want __, but I want change more,” and then I promptly forgot it for the rest of the day. I was snacky before bed and found myself eating peanut butter in the kitchen, and I was like “oh, snap! I want change more!”

Is there a way to keep things top of mind and present? Should I look in thrift stores for used bracelet thingers? Maybe tattoo IWCM on the back of my hand? That seems extreme.

The thing is, anything you do every day becomes habit, and habit breeds forgetfulness. Even if I got a bracelet or whatnot, after a few days I’d stop noticing it.

I guess the goal is to get the idea internalized before I forget the bracelet exists. Wait, am I sold on a bracelet? Are we doing bracelets now? I don’t think we’re doing bracelets. I’m not a bracelet guy.