Day 563: Keepin’ On

Full Focus is going okay, but I’m definitely feeling the… administrative load? I’m committed! We’re doing this thing! The 30 or so minutes a day it’s taking, though, is cutting into other things (ironically), like the evening checklist.

It’s definitely helping with, er, focus. I’m making progress with planning this podcast’s future — some of you may have heard some news via email yesterday — and the whole Big Three thing, which I’ve flirted with before, seems to be a good organizational tactic.

It’s been a meh week for diet and exercise — started off strong, got a bit floppy earlier in the week. Not terrible, and I’m recalibrating as of today, but I think the full focus has pulled me a bit into projects and a bit off life maintenance. Not a bad thing, again, but… different.

So I’m’a wrap this up and do Full Focus, but then it’s food logging and general tracking for the rest of the day. I’m happier when I do these things — it feels aggravating and inconvenient in the moment, but genuinely better in the long term.