Day 565: Reboot Excitement; Volunteer Exit Strategies

I’m pretty happy with the solicitation for contributions to the New Idea I’ve had for this thing. It’s still in the evaluation phase — I need to see if the idea is feasible in terms of my time and energy — but it’s definitely showing a lot of promise.

Response has been gratifying too; friends coming out of the woodwork to toss a message my way and support the general concept. That’s been especially gratifying.

I’m still leery about time. I’ve done some paper work on figuring out how much time it might take to get this done properly, and the quick answer is “more than I’d like.” I’m still working with significant volunteer obligations, and putting about 8 hours or so a week into the podcast project for the radio station.

One thing I don’t have for my volunteer roles right now is an exit strategy. That seems like a good thing to focus on. It’s not something I’ve ever done before, but it’s an interesting question to  ask about volunteering — how do I stop? I think it’s easy to get stuck in something that is work without any kind of reward — even satisfaction — and stay in it because you feel obliged and guilty. I know this happens to me.

This week and next week, I’m going to focus on some exit strategies for my volunteer engagements. How do I go out feeling like I’ve done good work but I’m not leaving anyone in the lurch? How do you clear your metaphorical desk and close the symbolic door behind you without feeling guilty?