Day 571: Minication

Okay, it’s really just sleeping in, but I have decided to frame this morning’s laziness as a very, very brief vacation. In my mind.

Another rough night last night; some professionally related stuff I can’t talk about here — don’t worry, it’s nothing bad, just confidential on a level I can’t really unpack.

So after another weird semi-sleepless overnight, I decided to go on vacation this morning: get up, pat the cats, and go back to bed with intention, lying there and listening to Digby play, drifting in and out of sleep and thinking that we’ve made that little guy really happy with a good home.

Mini-vacation over, and off to work. But I like this framing. I didn’t slack off today, I didn’t sleep in because I was tired: I took a moment to take myself on a short, deliberate vacation to the Land of Bed.