Day 574: Early Cookin’

Ugh… 3 a.m. wake-up, never got back to sleep — so it’ll be some serious napping at some point later this morning.

So what do you do at 4:30 on a Sunday morning when the world is mostly abed?

I cooked — tipped and tailed some string beans, and worked for about an hour on a vegan rib recipe that blew us away a few years ago and will hopefully be just as good now. It’s kind of a luxury to make, in that it takes several steps and several hours total (but a chunk of that is waiting while they’re in the oven). So it’s nice to have the time to do ’em early.

It’s been a crap week for exercise — off and on and sluggish when on — but I gotta keep pushing. No big plans for today, and we have that car, so maybe if I can grab an hour of nap this morning, we can get a hike in this afternoon…