Day 575: Hip Vs. Drugs Vs. Sleep

I am definitely Of An Age at which I can say “oh, my hip.” It’s been acting up the last few days — no running today, just a moderate row — and we have some painkillers in the house that my wife can’t take, because she doesn’t do well with the acetaminophen component.

They get rid of the hip pain but they make meĀ sleepy, and then I don’t sleep well at night because I’ve been sleepy all day.

My wife’s going booze-free for 40 days, starting today; we’re both trying sugar-free from now until the end of August in an attempt to kick out a kind of plateau we’ve settled on over the summer.

Right now, though, I’m literally trying to just keep my eyes open. I’ve been inspired by my friend Adam, who is coffee-free for a while now, to try easing out of coffee once I run out of beans in the house. This may be something I need to time over a weekend or some point where it’s okay if I’m super low performance for a few days in a row…