Day 577: Whole30 August!

After exercise this morning, chopping fruit — a fruit salad is the first food for August, kicking off a month of disgustingly healthy eating.

I have been a bit remiss — well, also busy — so I haven’t actually really read up on Whole30 yet. This is me kind of leaning into my wife’s enthusiasm; she wants to try it, I’m happy to give it a shot, but I haven’t really done the work yet. The program rules are here, I just have to read them.  So a little homework for me once this is done.

* * * UPDATE * * *

Whole30 is stupid if you’re not a meat-eater. They have a web page on it, but neither of us had read it carefully and it’s essentially a whole page of “but you really should eat meat!” That’s a non-starter for my wife, and I’m supportive of her on this, so that’s that.

Instead, we’re going to draft up our own plan this morning — expect a month of tons of vegetables, legumes, and fruit, no grains at all and absolutely no sugars. It’s’a be rough!

The challenge here is really going to be prep time. Making this stuff is hard. Scheduling for it is going to be a workout.

In other words, this is another sprint — August Sprint this time. Here we go!