Day 579: Weekend Away; Experiment Next Week

All right! A day of vacation, a weekend romping around. Staying with my folks tonight and at a friend in Toronto’s tomorrow night, back on Sunday.

That means a few days of Jerkpod to queue up, including — gasp — the bold experiment, which I’m pretty excited about trying.

There’s a huge gulf ahead of me. To illustrated it in text,

This is where I’d like to be: a podcast that’s generated by its listeners. 









Able to put together five days of stuff based on friends’ contributions. 

Most of ’em don’t even listen to the podcast!

So this is a bit of a Great Unknown. I’m looking forward to the attempt, but I’m not sure how to cross that great gulf given the limited time and resources that I have.

In the one step at a time vein, the first thing is to actually try the test week and see if I like it…

Pre-records for the next two days, and Monday will be the First Experiment Podcast! Woohoo!