Day 581: Big City Sunday

Waking up in Toronto this morning, staying with a friend after a late night of concert-going.

My wife and I are looking forward to the show — writing this on Friday morning — but as always, I have anxieties. It’s going to be eight hours of music! Outdoors! Wearing… shoes, I guess, and a hat!

Keeping food straight, especially in what is supposed to be a modest month, is going to be the biggest challenge. Ugh.

So it’s breakfast out, our big spend for this trip. We’re flying pretty close to the ground financially these days; we’ve borrowed a car for the weekend, crashing with family and friends, and our Big Meal Out is Sunday morning. Other than that it’s grocery store food and generally getting by. Oh, and the concert tickets! We paid for those, obviously.

We’ll be back late this evening, and probably keen to get to our own beds. Tomorrow marks the Big Experiment wtih Jerkpod! I can’t wait.