Day 598: Give me an In! Gimme a Som! Gimme a Knee! Gimme an A!

Composing offline today, as the computer is being so draggy and the Internet so bad I fear reload and post loss.

And the insomnia’s back! Up from 12:30 to 4 a.m. this morning, so just dragging myself out of bed now to try to get to work.

This is ugly, folks. No lie. It’s screwing up exercise, messing with my willpower, sapping my joie de vivre.

Taking action to relieve the factors that are causing the stress that cause the insomnia are good.

But what if that action causes its OWN stress, which causes its own insomnia on top of the regular insomnia?

Time for drugs, I think.

SLEEPING drugs. Not — you people. Jeez.