Day 604: Up Early, Exercise

It’s a pain, doing something that’s supposed to be about life and improvements and having a significant impact that I can’t really talk about in this space. But there y’go. Repeating that everything is, essentially, fine — just stuff going on that’s not mine to discuss here.

Up around 4 a.m. today; busy brain and cats teaming up for the win on that one. Operation Don’t Get Up in full effect, so I didn’t actually leave bed, just laid there and ruminated. Got some good ideas out of it, so there’s something.

Back on the rower this morning; need to get on top of food logging and etc., but we’re so close to September that a fresh start is tempting.

The Full Focus planner is… dead? Waiting for a September rebirth? I think it’s time to loop back around on it and see what was working for me and what wasn’t. It was ultimately something that added, not reduced, stress in my life… frankly, I think I do too much, and having something that reinforced that I do to much on a daily basis wasn’t helpful.