Day 616: Drinking is still NOT FOR ME

I had some pretty big professional news the other day; I can’t get into details other than to say it’ll make a big impact on my job and how I do it, and I feel in a way that helps me learn and grow more in my role.

So good news, on the whole.

I was feeling pretty great about that! My wife and I had bought materials to make Damson gin as Christmas presents, I was feeling fine, and thought “why not? Why not have some gin? It’s been 615 days, and maybe my biology has reset itself.

My biology has not reset itself.

It wasn’t a disaster; I didn’t get hammered, I’m not on a bender, I’m doing fine. But boy howdy, theĀ craving for moreĀ was there in spades. I had a second small glass and then I absolutely had to call it quits, because I didn’t want to call it quits.

As far as booze goes, I’ve learned something valuable: I’m pretty much where I was at the beginning. I’ve got a strong “no” and a fantastic “yes,” but I’m not genetically gifted with moderation.

It’s no booze for me. Lesson learned and logged. Probably the last time I’ll need to learn that lesson, because if 600-plus days doesn’t reset me, I doubt a thousand, or two thousand, days would make a difference.