Day 623: Up Early on a Sunday

Knocking out some correspondence and a bit of work stuff before heading back to bed. We did a flurry of housekeeping and project-based stuff yesterday, which clears today for a mix of chores and relaxing.

Folks, it has been bad for food and exercise for the last 10 days or so. I know I was hoping for September to be a bit of a fresh start, but hoo Mama, when work kicked in, exercise went right out the window. That’s understandable. I’m pretty stoked about my new lease on work-life, and have been happy to slack off in some areas to focus on others.

I’m now feeling kind of like a sea lion caught on the beach, though, so with the start of a new week it’s probably time to start restoring that balance.

No exercise today — Sunday — but back on it tomorrow.