Day 635: 16,000 downloads, sleepfest continues

In passing — just noticed 16,000 downloads of this podcast this morning. Which is pretty cool! I mean, I’ve got a few devices and a few apps, as does my wife, so it’s statistically all a bit meaningless, but it’s still kind of fun.

SLEEPFEST CONTINUES. Another rock solid night of sleep last night. Another sleep in this morning. This is TERRIBLE from an exercise perspective, but I feel like I’m doing some sort of deep psychic repair or something.

Then again, don’t they say that chronically depressed people sleep a lot?

I’m choosing to believe in the repair thing: I’m finally at a point where some of the weirder elements of my life have normalized, and seem to have kicked the insomnia for now. I’m catching up on a billion hours of lost rest.

So I know I’m accruing an exercise debt and won’t be happy when I get back on the scales. But sleep, man. It’s beautiful.